This is nonsense.

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I think that my grandson, Max, has super powers, but my mum says that this is nonsense. When she dropped into the shop yesterday I said that Max has survived his first hot summer, and she said that this is nonsense. That when she was born in Broken Hill her mum had to put the cot outside in the summer because the corrugated iron house was hotter inside than out. Her mother hung wet nappies around the edges of the cot so that the hot wind blew cool. Her mum always put the cot under the pepper trees. She said the dining room table bowed in the heat of those roasting dark little iron rooms.

I said I would like to put that story on Facebook and she said that Facebook is nonsense; who on earth would want to read about her.

When my mum was 14 years old she made her own dress at school and wore it for a photograph sitting. I have that photograph, and it is one of my favourite things. They were very poor and she only ever had one photograph taken. She said her dress was pretty good, probably the best one made, and her mum had told her that this was nonsense.

Max, my grandson loves colour. He leans toward colours and frowns. His head wobbles  when he catches the purple of my glass necklace. He leans in panting and dribbling, wanting that slab of cool glass in his mouth. But we have coloured glass slabs around the front door, too. These are wine red, mint green, champagne, butter yellow and icy pink. In the fading evening light they change character and jump. Max stares into the hot colours and is silent and noisy; breathing and ingesting colour. Soon the red becomes purple and the greens turn to blue. The yellow turns to cider. The pink fades to clear, cool water.  He stares for minute after minute at the thick glass, dripping with evening colours.

Then later, my daughter says that he won’t go to sleep, and I say that this is nonsense.












1 thought on “This is nonsense.

  1. Hi Kerry,

    I love what you posted about Max. I do not agree with your mum who says that it is nonsense that she does not agree that ‘Max has super powers’.

    Golly Gumdrops!! You look like your mum!!

    I thought that it was funny when your mum told her mum, your grandmother, that the dress that she sewed was the best one that she had done, and your grandmother ‘had told her that this was nonsense’.

    I think it is funny that we end up sounding like our parents even if we do not like it.

    I hear myself saying to my kids when I am disciplining them, and then stop and think, ‘Hang on, I sound just like my parents or my mum!’, and it is a scary feeling as the last thing I want to do is to turn into my parents. Yikes!!

    I love the coloured glass slabs around your front door. Soooo cool!! You must have such contentment, joy and fun daily watching the colours of the glass turn different shades as the sun’s rays hit the glass slabs at various times of the day.

    Have a great day.

    Love Sharon

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