I wish you would use your windscreen


This is what Annette said to Bruce when he could not find her anywhere and finally came into the shop today to see if I may know anything.

Then she was in the door and behind us and furious because if Bruce had bothered to look through his windscreen he would have seen her waving. She said maybe he should clean the windscreen. Then they ordered a copy of Hawaii by James Michener and went to have a cup of tea next door.
It is quiet and warm, there is nobody around, there is nobody that wants a book this week! Outside a very old man is smoking and leaning into the sunshine with his eyes closed. There is a bag at his feet holding loaf of bread, a bag of onions and a hammer.

A man came in to ask me directions to Noarlunga, he had to get to his daughter’s dinner party soon or she would kill him. He paced around in circles while I wrote some directions down. He didn’t have her a gift either, he said it was going to be a grim evening.
A family come in for a while and the smallest boy tells me that his mother can not be trusted in a place like this and made his family all laugh kindly at him.
Two men come past and glance through the window and one says to the other: I can’t see anything through this window and the other man replied: this place is closed now mate!

I am asked for a copy of Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance.
There are a group of children discussing books loudly and fiercely here for a while. They are fervent and confident and happy. None of them answer anyone else’s questions…

The thing that annoyed me the most about this one is all the workers, they were paid in vouchers. Did you even see that? I’ve just finished the series, just finished this series too.
Look at this….
Divergent, naa
Every season is different in this
What’s this one? It looks ok, no it isn’t.
No, I don’t want that.
I like all these colours in the shelf, all together.
I don’t think they will ever change the words, will they? Do you think they will ever change the words in this? Are they even allowed to do that?
Then the parents are back. The mother reassures one of the readers that they will never change the words in Little Women, that no, they can’t do that.
Two couples outside the shop are arguing about coming in.
One of the children is whispering to me about The Ranger’s Apprentice books.
The old man who was smoking has gone away.
The couple outside are rift, two coming in and two going to the bakery. One of the husbands is witty, he calls back: see you two blokes tomorrow then. The wives look at each other and neither answer him.
The young family are leaving, they call back thank you very much.
I am asked for Alice in Wonderland.
It is nice to be here.









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