Phyllis is a Gypsy

Sarah Lloyd

On Thursday morning, two old ladies came in from the council bus, and one of them, Phyllis, told me she must be a gypsy. She cannot go out without jewellery anywhere. When she said the word jewellery, she closed her eyes and smiled. Her friend, who is called Myra, called out from the back room that it’s true, Phyllis is a gypsy and has the jewellery in her blood.

Myra travels slowly, she has a walking frame, and when she came back to the counter, Phyllis held out her long necklace and they both of them looked at it admiringly. Myra bought a copy of My Brilliant Career which she promised to lend to Phyllis next.

They left, they were going to the bakery next, they traveled slowly past the windows in the admiring golden light, going for a cup of tea.

Artwork by Sarah Lloyd


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