The Pictish Spirit series by Louise M. Hewett

Louise Hewett’s Pictish Spirit series is available at The Book Keeper and will eventually be a 7 volume series. The books are $35 each.

Volume 1: Mist

Volume 2: Wind

Volume 3: Flowers

Volume 4: Storm

Volume 5: Ice

Volume 6: River

Volume 7: Stone

“A small community of women and men living in the Adelaide Hills find themselves exploring alternative ways of living and being as responsible co-creators in the a modern world. Equipped with the tools of Pictish Spirit (a Goddess Feminist matristic lifeway centred on the Scots-Irish Bhrìde and Cailleach) and the mythic women, (Sgàthach the Shadowy One and her fierce sister Aoife from the Isle of Skye) the community are challenged to question, understand, and move beyond patriarchal power relations, both personally and in their social interactions.”

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